Look Out For Glasgow’s Lola In Slacks

I can remember over the 40 plus years I have been listening to music the few times I heard something new and it immediately put the hairs up on the back of my neck.

in the early Seventies it would have been David Bowie’s early appearance on The Old Grey Whistle Test, rocking out “Jean Genie” and “Starman” with Mick Ronson, Trevor Bolder and Mick Woodmansey, which landed like something from another planet, as did Roxy Music’s later performance on the same show, playing “Virginia Plain” with Eno suitably attired in emerging pot plant outfit, c. 1972.

In the late Seventies it was the first time I listened to Joy Division’s first LP, “Unknown Pleasures”, which I had to order via mail from my home in Livingston as my local “record store” in Woolco had never heard of them.  A bit like the Roxy Music first album, I had heard nothing like it before and was mesmerised.  It is a record that in 2015 I still play once a week, particularly on a sad day such as this, the 35th anniversary of the tragic suicide of Ian Curtis….RIP Ian, we still miss you mate.

The Eighties and it has to be the superlative majesty of The Blue Nile’s A Walk Across The Rooftops, which I first heard when wallpapering the bedroom of my council house when Andy Peebles played it on his Saturday afternoon Radio One show and I immediately downed tools and went to the record store in search of it.  The same experience applied to the subsequent Hats LP, which I first heard whilst sitting in the car about to go in to my local pub on a Saturday night for a bar supper.  Paul Buchanan would appreciate the mundaneness of that.

Also in the Eighties I would have to call out Falkirk’s finest, LowLife, one of my all time favourite bands who were so sorely ignored and neglected by the majority of the music industry pundits.  I treasure my collection of LowLife vinyl LPs and singles to this day and know that Lola In Slack’s chanteuse, Lou Reid, is also a fan.

The Nineties got off to a great start with Bloomsday’s “Fortuny”, the sole album made by Chris Thomson’s The Bathers/Lloyd Cole & The Commotions Scottish supergroup who I had the privilege of seeing live.

The reason I recall these events so vividly is because I associate every piece of music I own or like – and I have around 1,000 vinyl LPs and 2,000 CDs in my own personal collection, but listen to far more online and wherever I go – with where I was and what I was doing when I first heard it.

Glasgow’s Lola In Slacks I would place firmly in the same category.

He’s lost the plot I can hear you say, the same category as Bowie, Roxy, Joy Division and The Blue Nile?!?!  Surely not?!?!

Yes folks, they are THAT good, as you will shortly hear when the first single Tramlines is released very shortly.

My mucker Gus Ironside will be doing a much more extensive piece on the band shortly and will wax more eloquently than I can, so I will leave the detailed profile to him, but all I would say is that this band are on the cusp of something very special indeed if last weekend’s recording sessions and recent gigs at Audio in Glasgow are anything to go by.

“There is romance and longing here, escape and remembrance; imagine a voice that effortlessly fuses Marianne Faithfull and Eartha Kitt, fronting a crack band with the sexy garage swagger of the Velvets but the bold confidence and freedom of Tim Buckley. It often seems that great singers are a thing of the past, with current trends for shrill over-emoting or faux-naivety taking precedence over genuinely compelling, purposeful singers. Lou Reid is such a singer; her vocal delivery has all the complexity and fascination of a fine single malt whisky, leading the listener to ponder the life experiences that inform the intrigue and adventure contained in these songs.” (Gus Ironside – Louder than War)


Their sound has progressed leaps and bounds since these Soundcloud recordings were posted, but will give you a flavour of what I mean:


and to stay in touch with developments, what better than to Like their FaceBook page here:


In case you wondered how they sound live (although again, this is not how LIS sound today….the sound has developed leaps and bounds and they are even more magnificent now!):


And last, but not least, a photo I took of the band in Foundry Music Lab on Saturday as they listened to the playback of first single, Tramlines, a session I was privileged to have attended.


Lola In Slacks…the finest emerging band around Scotland today and soon to be massive.

Just remember you read about them here first 🙂

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