Review of Honeyblood gig, Summerhall, Edinburgh, 20/05/15

First time I had seen Honeyblood live and I was not disappointed! A homecoming gig for Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale (guitar) and Cat Myers (drums) who are both from Edinburgh, this was their last gig before they support the Foo Fighters at Murrayfield on June 23rd, alongside another power duo, Royal Blood. foo_480_680_s_c1 It is not difficult to see what Dave Grohl likes about Honeyblood…guitar power chords that form a wall of sound, squalling feedback and powerful drumming very akin to his own and that of Taylor Hawkins.  Very melodic as well.

For a duo, Honeyblood make a very impressive sound live – the debut album released last year featured bass and other instruments which are not present in the live set – and the crowd of 300 or so at Summerhall, were soon bouncing about the hall…including your reporter pop-pickers. I must confess I missed the first support act, MC Almond Milk, but second up were Jesus H. Foxx who are definitely worth checking out.  A six piece – three guitarists, bass player, drummer and keyboardist/percussionist – they certainly complimented what was about to follow, with what I would describe as post-punk jangly guitar rock (although I do hate genre labelling).

Jesus H. Foxx
Jesus H. Foxx

The headliners came on around 10pm and had the balls to start with a new track which I think Stina said was called “Kill You” and certainly bode well for that always difficult second album which we must assume is currently in the pipeline.  I am not overly familiar with Honeyblood’s first album – I have it on vinyl, but have to confess it got buried in amongst the 50 or so LPs I bought around the same time – but that will certainly change after last night’s electric performance. It was a relatively brief set of around 45 minutes, followed by two numbers played when they came back on stage for the encore – certainly if compared to The Phantom Band who performed on the same stage last Thursday – but then if you are a duo you do have to work bloody hard!

Apologies fans if I get some of these listings wrong, but here is what I believe the set list was last night:

  1. Kill You (new number)
  2. (I’d Rather Be) Anywhere But Here
  3. Bud (last year’s debut single, very catchy and a big crowd pleaser last night)
  4. Super Rat
  5. Love Is A Disease (new number)
  6. Biro
  7. ????
  8. Bears Never Die (new number)
  9. Killer Bangs

I missed the encore as I was busy distributing Radical Independent Music cards in the outside smoking/bar area before the crowd exited….got to do a bit of self-promotion you know!

As you can see from the photos I took it was a a storming performance and it will be interesting to see how the Honeyblood sound transfers from the relative intimacy of Summerhall’s Dissection Room to Murrayfield, which has had notoriously bad reviews in the past for the sound quality at outdoor gigs, what with that swirling wind that always bothers the rugby union goal kickers so much.

IMG_1500 IMG_1499 IMG_1497 IMG_1487 IMG_1482                         IMG_1466 IMG_1464 IMG_1462 IMG_1461 IMG_1458

Hopefully messrs Grohl and Hawkins will be ensuring that the PA is up to the task and it is massive recognition for one of Edinburgh’s finest young bands to appear on the same bill as the Foo Fighters.

Tonight it’s Birdhead at Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms, another powerful – and very different – Edinburgh guitar/drums duo, who I first saw last Autumn supporting The Phantom Band at The Pleasance Sessions, and they were good enough for me to go out and buy their debut album….on vinyl of course.

Gig report tomorrow…and remember folks, you can never have enough vinyl!

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