Review of McRibs Gig, Studio 24, Edinburgh – 23/05/15

I first saw the McRibs a couple of months ago in Whistlebinkies and could only describe them at that time as an explosive collection of youthful energy who certainly knew how to play and had quite a stage presence.

Lead singer Basser Martin McRib reminded me a little of Anthony Keidis of Red Hot Chilli Peppers fame – and occasionally Guns’n Roses Axl Rose – in the way in which he strode around the stage and ran around the dance floor that night.

I spoke to Basser Martin McRib after that gig and was astonished to discover that had been their very first gig as they certainly sounded a very tight unit.

Tonight they were third on at Studio 24 as part of a bill supporting the release of an EP by Blackmail Lettering – a new one on me – and it was an Over 14 gig which didn’t do a lot for the atmosphere, what with pre-adolexcent kids running about giggling a lot….but then again that was probably me at that age!

I was at this gig in a social capacity so wasn’t taking notes, but my impression was the short set consisted of self-penned material – at Whistlebinkies there is an expectation that covers will be played to get the crowd on the dance floor – but no doubt Basser will correct me if that was not the case.

The only exception I recognised was “Hey Ho Let’s Go” that classic Ramones number which I have to say the McRibs smashed last night, with Briano’s driving bass – very talented young man – and Zak’s heavy hitting on the skins.

If you have been reading my posts you will know I hate labelling music and sticking it in some pigeon hole of a genre, but if I had to describe the McRibs in that way I would say post-punk garage rock.

The line-up consisted of :

Marty “Basser” McRib – Vocals

Briano McRib – Bass/Vocals

Ollie “Godzilla” McRib – Guitar

Duncan McRib – Guitar

Zak “What?” McRib – Drums

and standing right in front of stage, their sound was exciting, driving punk which occasionally pulverised you in the chest.

The sound wasn’t at its best which often happens at venues like this when then there are several bands on the running order.  The sound guys at Studio 24 could learn a lot from their compadre at Audio in Glasgow who always nails it.

The rhythm section were very tight  – if I am not mistaken, Basser’s brother Briano (who is studying to be a Sound Engineer…good choice, BTW) was on bass, whereas at Whistlebinkies he played guitar very well, in the absence of the usual guitarist.  I don’t know the other band members well enough to know on guitars which is Ollie and which is Duncan, but both acquired themselves very well, one dressed with poncho like Cint Eastwood in those spaghetti westerns, and the other in what I can only describe as a riske ensemble of tight white t-shirt, stockings and suspenders, which I would not recommend walking about Edinburgh in on a Saturday night pop-pickers!

IMG_1530 IMG_1528

The McRibs @ Studio 24
The McRibs @ Studio 24

The relatively small crowd this early in the evening certainly seemed to enjoy themselves and Basser came off stage resplendent in his kilt and Superman t-shirt to crash around the mosh pit a few times to try and encourage some bopping amongst the audience.

Exciting to watch and with a very tight sound – these guys are clearly practicing hard and rehearsing frequently – this will not be the last you will hear of the McRibs.

Basser told me they had a support gig lined-up at Glasgow’s Arches next month, but with the withdrawal of that venues licence by Glasgow City Council, it’s unlikely that will go-ahead.

The McRibs are on FaceBook so get over there, Like their page and check them out:

In the meantime, here are some video clips I took at the gig.

And remember, you can never have enough vinyl….

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