That Was The Week That Was – Weekly Roundup, 24/05/15

OK, so David Frost’s lawyers might come after us and sue our sorry asses, but we can’t think of a more appropriate label for what moving forward will be a weekly round looking back on what Radical Independent Music has been up to in the past week.

Lola In Slacks Recording Session

We were honoured and privileged to have been at Foundry Music Lab last Saturday for the recording of what will be Lola In Slacks’ first single release, Tramlines.

The single was mixed on Sunday and thanks to Brian McFie for letting us have a sneak preview…it is amazing pop-pickers, so 4AD, Rough Trade, Domino Records, etc., let the bidding war commence!

The band’s set in support of Ian McNabb at Audio in Glasgow has been on constant rotation here and if we had a vote – which of course, we don’t – Little Vandal would be our choice for the second single release. It is superlative.

We are looking forward to the debut album which with a fair wind, should be recorded and released before the end of 2015.

STG Promotions

Thanks to Allan McGlynn for the copy of the aforementioned Lola In Slacks’ set.

Being Edinburgh-based – and with our extensive knowledge of venues and up-and-coming young bands in Auld Reekie – Radical Independent Music is planning to collaborate with STG to put on some gigs in the capital city later this year, featuring London-based bands, who will most likely be supported by local – and relatively unknown – Edinburgh bands.

Watch this space for more details as the plot unfolds….and assuming we can talk Allan and his buddy Gerry Corr in to expanding STG’s repertoire eastwards.  It’s not true that weegies need visas to visit Edinburgh guys!

Gig Reviews

  • Honeyblood @ Summerhall
  • McRibs @ Studio 24
  • Adam Stafford at Song, By Toad At The Hidden Door Festival

All reviews can be found on this site.

FaceBook Page

Our FaceBook page was only launched a week ago and has amazingly already attracted 263 Likes!!!

We are not worthy….but thanks, it means a lot to us as we get this new venture off-the-ground.

The Word Press postings are also attracting a lot of fellow indie music followers out there.

Future Developments

Those of you who have looked at the About section on this site and our site (still work in progress, so bear with us please) will be aware that the master plan is to launch a number of different music-related activities from our Edinburgh base over the next few months:

  • Gig promotion in Edinburgh with our friends at STG Promotions in Glasgow
  • Band management by real music enthusiasts, not big corporate rip-off merchants in suits
  • Independent music journalism….it’s what you’re reading right now folks
  • “Angel” investment in up and coming Scottish indie bands
  • A specialised second hand vinyl record store located in Edinburgh…you can never have enough vinyl…which will also be online.  The physical store will have several unique attributes which we can’t tell you about right now, or we’d have to get you to sign our version of the Official Secrets Act.

The great news this week is that we can now confirm that Radical Independent Music will be transitioning from something we do on top of our day jobs – got to pay for all those vinyl purchases somehow! – to a full time venture in early August.

This will hopefully coincide with the unveiling and opening of the physical record store in Edinburgh and the search for suitable premises is already under way.

Branding and marketing is the key to success for any new business and we are pleased to inform you that that consummate artist and renowned musician, Brian McFie, has agreed to design our logo in between fending off those record companies who are desperate to sign Lola In Slacks.

Thanks again to all of you who have supported us in our embryonic first week…and remember, you can never have enough vinyl!

Enjoy your Sunday.


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