That Was The Week That Was – Weekly Roundup, 30/05/15


Well the past week may well prove to have been a momentous one in the relatively short life of Radical Independent Music pop-pickers!

If you have taken a look at our About section then you will already know that Radical Independent Music is an umbrella name for a myriad of music-related activities:

  • Gig promotion in Edinburgh, in collaboration with our buddies in the Wild West (that’s Morningside speak for Glasgow, not that any of us are from Morningside we hasten to add….”all fur coats and nae nickers!”) Allan McGlynn and Gerry Corr, a.k.a. STG Promotions, who are doing an amazing job of keeping music live.  As weegies (those who originate and/or live in the dear green place) Allan and Gerry require passports and visas in order to visit Auld Reekie, whereas we have joint citizenship having misspent our youth “studying” at the wonderful Glesca Tech…..remember The Bubble anyone?… Radical Independent Music will be focusing on the splendid venues and young bands of the capital city, whilst Allan and Gerry continue to blag their way in to Glasgow nightclubs free of charge by claiming to be big music promoters, which of course they are ladies…..just don’t tell their partners they used that chat-up line on you.  Alright Allan and Gerry?!?!  Take it easy buddies…
  • Independent music journalism, which is where we have been focussing most of our early efforts in the hope that Mojo , Uncut, Rolling Stone,, will start throwing money at us, begging us to write for them.  Well, you need to dream folks, and we are as proud as punch to say the FaceBook page now has 348 Likes after only two weeks.  Get in!!!  Watch out for our next article which will be about the Edinburgh-based driving force of Scottish indie music, Martin Metcalfe, Derek Kelly and Fin Wilson, a.k.a. The Filthy Tongues, who along with the wonderful Stacey Chavis, were also of course Isa &The Filthy Tongues.  Here at Radical Independent Music we are immersing ourselves in some of the finest albums produced by Scottish indie music – “Addiction” (2006, Circular Records, CR1012), “Dark Passenger” (2010, Blokshok/Tetra Records, Tetra 017 Collector’s Edition and we have number 91 of only 200 released pop-pickers) and “Live” (2010, Blokshok) – in preparation.  After an incredible Filthy Tongues performance at Audio in February with Associate Professor of English, Mr Paul Hullah, of Yokohama City, Tokyo and Leith fame (note:  Leith is NOT Edinburgh), there is a new Filthy Tongues album imminent, so what better time for a retrospective or sorts, although we have to say if there is one Scottish band that nevers lives in the past, it is the mercurial Filthy Tongues.  In the meantime, check these out:

(Videos by drummer and film maker extordinaire, Derek Kelly.)

  • Band management, which we’ve not quite got our heads around yet to be honest.  We’re not trying to be the Peter Grant of Edinburgh….10 stones lighter that Peter ever was for a start!…but keen to help young and emerging bands out there to make it along the very rocky road of the music business, without being screwed/shafted/exploited/moulded/disillusioned (circle all which apply).  There are some very exciting young bands in Edinburgh at the moment, The McRibs and Logan’s Close to mention but two and if you don’t believe us here they are:

  • Specialist vinyl, had the most exciting developments this week pop-pickers as our plans to open a new Edinburgh city centre record store specialising exclusively in high quality second hand vinyl took a major step forward and we are now on the search for premises.  As previously teased on here this will be a vinyl record store with a few twists, but we’re not going to give the game away yet….Intellectual Property Rights you know!  We are still trying to lock-in the actual opening date – will very much depend on how long it takes to find and buy the right city centre premises – but funding is in place and the strategy and business plan have been blessed by our distinguished advisor – and all round Mr Nice Guy – the Scottish vinyl record fair Godfather himself, George Robertson.  Yesterday we were thrilled to learn that our favourite emerging Scottish indie band has agreed to play an acoustic set to mark the opening the shop, but again, we are keeping that under wraps so as to build up the excitement and tension.  Well at least WE are excited and bloody tense!

Finally, our unique logo and branding is currently being designed by our marketing consultants and will be rolled out on flyers, posters, business cards and online just as soon as we have blessed the proofs with holy water – or a fine bottle of Amarone more likely – and sent them to the printers.


Quiet on the gig reviews front this past week given all of the business-related stuff that has been going on, but did get our tickets for PiL at the O2 ABC in Glasgow on 18/09/15 this week, as well as for Auld Reekie’s wee lassie Shirley Manson, who will be playing at the Usher Hall on 14/11/15 with Garbage….which clashes with Vic Godway & The Subway Sect at the Voodoo Rooms, so our staffers will be busy that night.


Yet to post any album reviews since we launched, but chuffed to report that Glasgow’s Reverse Cowgirls have asked us to review their forthcoming second album – cheers Shug! – and finally got our mitts on the vinyl release of The Fall’s new album, “Sub-Lingual Tablet”, so watch this space.  Can we just point out that Radical Independent Music only ended-up being forced to buy vinyl at Mono in Glasgow yesterday because two indie rock stars were fashionably late for lunch……and yes, you know who you are!  And pop-pickers, you can never have enough vinyl.


  • Sunday, 31/05/15 – vinyl record fair @ Caird Hall, Dundee, 10:30 – 16:00.
  • Thursday, 04/06/15 – Live at BBC Quayside (thanks again Allan McGlynn)
  • Saturday,  06/06/15 – BrewDog AGM @ the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre.  Could get a bit messy this one, with bands on from 11am to 11pm, supplemented with copious amounts of stonking BrewDog ales.  Life’s a beach but someone has to do it…..and BTW, Aberdeen does of course have a beach and the wonderful Beach Boulevard and Ballroom.  Rowies/butteries and red pudding suppers here we come!

Finally, there is something massive coming to Glasgow on the 28th and 31st of August, which is going to revolutionise Scottish, UK and world indie music, so watch this space very closely over the next few months.

We have all had to sign the Scottish indie scene equivalent of the Official Secrets Act – otherwise known as “tell anyone what we’ve just told you and you’ll lose your vinyl buying privileges and you’ll need to buy your own fags” – so you will just have to wait in eager anticipation for the musical hurricane which is going to blow away the cobwebs of the indie music scene very, very shortly.

Have a great weekend and remember……you can never have enough vinyl.

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