Vintage Vinyl Extravaganza! Grassmarket Market, Edinburgh – Saturday, 13/06/15

This Saturday, June 13th, we will be at the Grassmarket market in Edinburgh helping our record store adviser, all-round vintage vinyl guru and organiser of vinyl record fairs across Central Scotland, George Robertson of andmorecords…clever name that…


This could be very dangerous for the Radical Independent Music staffers as we are likely to spend all our time browsing George’s fantastic collection of very high quality vintage vinyl – and making our own purchases – rather than selling it to you pop pickers.

If you have not been at one of George’s record fairs before – or have never visited his stall at the Grassmarket market – then you are in for a vinyl treat of quite orgasmic proportions.


We have been buying vinyl from George for quite some time now and can honestly say we never even bother to take the record out of its sleeve before buying, the quality is always that good.

George has an extensive range of vintage vinyl LPs and singles from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s in addition to post-punk, indie, blues, jazz, R&B, soul….name a genre and andmorecords have something for you.

So come along and discover that one lost record that you’ve trying to find for years. ¬†Chances are George will have it or can get his hands on it for you.

Auld Reekie has been basking in sunshine and seventy degree temperatures all week and Saturday promises to be no different, so break in to those piggy banks, find that loose change that’s fallen down the back of the couch, get those second mortgages arranged and get yourselves down to the Grassmarket.

In addition to andmorecords there are lot of other great stalls for you to browse around and where better to get lunch outside and a few drinks on a hot, sunny day than in the Grassmarket.

Kick-off around 10:00.

We will be the ones sporting (or should that be posing?) in our green Parental Advisory t-shirts acquired from Vinyl Solution record store in San Mateo, California during our recent vinyl sojourn to the US of A.


See you there!

Have a stupendous weekend……and remember, you can never have enough vinyl.


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