Satisfy Your Vinyl Cravings This Weekend In Edinburgh & Dundee

Well pop-pickers, we are going to be inconsolable this weekend!

There are not one, but two great andmorecords vinyl record fairs taking place this weekend, in Edinburgh on Saturday and Dundee on Sunday, and we’ve gone and signed ourselves up for a rock climbing boot camp with the guys from Glenmore Lodge near Aviemore this weekend.

Seemed like a good idea back in January…P45 for the one in the office who made that decision.

Worse still, there’s not a vinyl record store in Aviemore, the nearest ones being Imperial Music and Union Vinyl in Inverness, 39.6 miles away…yes, we’ve already checked on GoogleMaps as you would have expected us to have done…as you can never have enough vinyl.

A breakout undercover of darkness may just have to be arranged Colditz-style!

Great Escape Tunnel

If you have not been to an andmorecords vinyl record fair yet, then you have not lived people so what are you waiting for?!?!

First up on Saturday is Cafe Camino, just behind John Lewis’ in Edinburgh, 10:30 – 16:00.


And if that doesn’t satisfy your vinyl cravings then get yourselves on up to Dundee’s Caird Hall on Sunday, same times as Edinburgh.


In fact we would strongly recommend a double-header this weekend and if the family moan about it, you can take them to Broughty Ferry and let them play on the beach and enjoy a 99 ice cream or two, whilst you get down to the serious business of purusing those vinyl stalls.

Broughty Ferry Beach

Just be sure to leave enough vintage vinyl for us here at Radical Independent Music Limited – did I mention we are now an officially incorporated limited company?!?! – as we do have a new record store in Edinburgh opening soon that we need to stock.


The legendary Mr George Roberston of andmorecords fame will be Master of Ceremonies as usual, ably supported by his trusted sidekick and assistant, Jamie, otherwise known as George’s son who was pressed ganged in to vinyl record fair service when he was just a bairn wearing short breeks.

And talking of Breeks (see what we just did there?) the man himself of Groucho’s record store will be in attendance at Caird Hall and no doubt selling some of his very fine and nifty refurbished mono record players.

No plans for this weekend???  Well you have now!

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