What Would YOU Do Differently If You Owned Your Own Vintage Vinyl Record Shop?!?!

As we continue the preparations for the opening of our new vintage vinyl record store in Edinburgh city centre – with integral Italian coffee shop and music tuition rooms – now is a great time to ask you, pop-pickers, what you would want to see in what will be a unique and different record shopping experience.

This is your opportunity to have a direct influence on our plans before we start to finalise them and set them in….vinyl!

There have been some great vinyl record stores in Edinburgh in the past, but many have failed or continue to live from hand-to-mouth.

So what are we going to do that is so “radical”? (see what we did there?)


The majority of vinyl record shops are not very inviting and typically follow a very similar – and tired – format of racks of records, with posters, t-shirts and record sleeves on the wall.

We are going for what we call a “semi-industrial retro” look to the interior which we think will bring in the youngsters who are out to buy their very first piece of vinyl, through to the boring old farts/vinyl addicts like ourselves who will happily spend 2-3 hours in a record store every weekend, browsing the racks and chatting to our buddies.


Your typical vinyl record store smells of testosterone and does not appeal to the ladies.  How many women do you typically see in a record shop looking at vinyl?  Hardly any people and we are going to revolutionise this.  Women buy vinyl too you know.


Record racks often look as if they were hobbled together by someone who has not quite got the hand of DIY yet and can be at the wrong height or too deep for comfortable raking through for hours on end.  We were in one Edinburgh shop recently and left after 20 minutes because our backs were aching, without buying anything.  Our racks will be ergonomically designed and positioned.

Also wading through boxes of records lying randomly on the floor is not fun and you will not be seeing any of that when we open.  You will be able to eat your lunch off our sparkling and tidy floors…if you have some kind of fetish and really want to.

Searching through racks of vinyl can be a long and tiring business to find that obscure release that you have been searching decades for, so there will be comfy chairs (Oh no!  Here comes the Spanish Inquisition!) and couches that you can chill out on…but no overnight stays because you are too tight to get yourself a hotel room during the Festival.

High Quality Vintage Vinyl

We are only going to stock high quality vintage vinyl, so good that you won’t have to take them out of their sleeves to check the condition.

If one slips through the quality net and is not up-to-scratch (terrible pun, we know, but we couldn’t resist!) you can bring it back within 7 days for a full refund or exchange.  Can’t say fairer than that.

However, question is should we stock new vinyl releases and some CDs?  Do you want them pop-pickers?

Despite the vastly superior quality of vinyl listening compared to CD we do need to think abut this, so send us your feedback.

We will never compete with the HMV’s, Amazon’s and Virgin Record’s of this world – the record labels sell new vinyl to them on a sale-or-return basis, but any new stuff we buy is non-returnable – nor do we intend to, and in any case we are going to be SO much better!  We recognise there is a demand for new releases on vinyl and need to try and satisfy all of your demands.

If we stock what you want – or order in what you want as quickly as we can – would you rather come down for a coffee, a chat and hang out on our comfy sofas to buy those new vinyl releases or will you still go online to Amazon (who never pay their taxes by the way) ?  Let us know your views.

And by the way, we will also be online so you can point, click and order from us if that is how you prefer to do your vinyl shopping.

Sound System

It goes without saying – but we will say it anyway – that the shop will be equipped with a top-of-the-range hi-fi system, most likely Linn.


Would you like to be able to listen to your chosen vinyl before you buy?

Quality Italian Coffee Shop

In addition to very good quality Italian coffee, we assume you would like pastries, croissants, etc., to buy?

What would you like Kathryn, our very experienced Italophile who used to live in Milan, to stock in her coffee shop?

Many businesses who fail forget to actually give their customers what they want.

We are not going to make that mistake so please email us with what you want people:


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