Coming Your Way…A Bauhaus Inspired Vintage Vinyl Record Store

First of all apologies for the recent hiatus, but it is the “summer” and even the staff of Radical Independent Music want holidays…for some strange reason.

Must call George Osbourne and ask him to abolish holidays for the working classes as part of the Tory’s back-to-Dickensian-times so-called austerity campaign.

Martin Rowson


It has been relatively quiet for us on the gig front, but that will change this weekend as we go to see Dundee’s finest, Fat Goth, at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus on Saturday

followed by  that very talented Auld Reekie duo, Man of Moon, at Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms on July 30th.

On Thursday we are very privileged to have been invited along to the STV studios in Cowcaddens, by that cross between Lady Gaga and Iggy Pop (his description pop-pickers, not ours!) Brian McFie, to document the wonderfully talented Lola In Slacks make their very first television performance.


‘This ambitious, literate gang of Francophile bohemians look set to make a big splash with their dramatic debute single,…

Posted by Sogo Magazine on Sunday, 5 July 2015

Look out for photographs and editorial here later in the week and a reminder that if you have not already done so, do yourself a favour and buy a tickets for Lola In Slacks’ first single launch gig at Glasgow’s CCA on August 28th.  We might even buy you a beer…I stress “might” given our Aberdonian roots.

Lola In Slacks – Single Launch Gig, CCA Glasgow, 28/08/15

Saturday afternoon and we can be found back at the Grassmarket market in Edinburgh helping out George of andmorecords fame shift more of those platters of vintage vinyl, so be there or be somewhere very boring…

In two weeks time we have been convinced to head on back north to the wonderful mountains of Scotland for some more rock climbing, and can be spotted around the Glen Coe/Fort William area if you just look out for the nerdy vinyl buying types hanging about a climber’s hut near you.

Problem is there isn’t a vinyl record shop in Fort William – and you know by now that you can never have enough vinyl – so we will be the ones with the withdrawal symptoms as we don’t have anything to do with those new-fangled iPod thingymajigs with their very depressing compressed music format.

Anyway, enough of this jovial banter pop-pickers.


For those of you who have been skiving at work to surf FaceBook this week – and who can blame you – you will have noticed that we have been very busy pounding the streets of Edinburgh city centre in search of suitable premises.

The good news is we may just have found what we are looking for, around the corner from Edinburgh’s Playhouse Theatre.

IMG_1862We are in the process of contacting the landlord to see what the deal is with regards to the lease costs, but first impressions are this is exactly what we are looking for – 3,200 square feet – with plenty of space for the vintage vinyl shop, Italian coffee shop, music tuition rooms…and a recent addition to our concept for the store…art gallery wall space.

Fingers-crossed people, but if this one plays out we could be open by the end of September.

You will have gathered by now that this will be no ordinary vinyl record store, not that our friends at Elvis Shakespeare or Avalanche Records in Edinburgh could be in any way described as ordinary (hello David and Kevin, BTW).

Curent thinking is is to go for what we and Kathryn Macalister (our Italophile, who is currently basking herself in sunny Italy) are describing as a semi-industrial/retro look for the shop interior, in other words Bauhaus.

Of course our limited budget and the rarity of the original items means we will have a challenge on our hands to find the right fixtures and fittings, but just to titillate your palates people, here are some examples of Bauhaus art, design and furniture.

Gropius desk

Walter_Gropius_F_51_Armchair_and_Sofa_qbb 007-walter-gropius-theredlist Bauhaus Bookcase


PORTADA BAUHAUS Bauhaus-Design bauhaus4 Bauhaus_Nude_by_sharkaholic bauhaus archiv aussen_56 bauhaus_013 bauhaus_011 bauhaus_010 Paul Klee bauhaus_008

Tapisserie bauhaus_012Excited?!?!  We certainly buzzing, and we gave up illegal substances back in the Eighties….don’t tell our mothers, we only smoked roll-ups, honest!

Watch this space for further information as and when we have it folks.

Until then, get out there and buy more vinyl….you know you really want to.

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