Something Very Exciting Is Emerging In To The Light In Glasgow And Lola in Slacks Are At The Forefront

Albert-Camus-Quotes-4It is a very well established fact that rock’n roll was originally all about rebellion – rebellion against the post-war austerity of the 1950s, ongoing food shortages and parents whose idea of “music” was limited to the Glen Miller Orchestra or other big bands of the time.

Lola in Slacks are rebellious in their own way.  Not as teenagers in the flush of youth, “kicking against the pricks” as Nick Cave would have put it, but rebellious in the sense that they refuse to mimic the laziness and mediocrity of much of today’s indie music and have quietly and confidently worked hard to develop and mature their own unique sound in the dear green place that is Glasgow.

There are many precedents for this in Glasgow of course, The Blue Nile and The Bathers to name but two who are distant older relatives of Lola in Slacks, and whose influence can be at times heard in elements of their sound.

Similar to Chris Thomson of Bathers fame, Lola in Slacks are a very literate band, and by that we mean they are well-read, particularly vocalist Lou Reid’s insatiable appetite for French literature and guitarist Brian McFie’s love of the works of Albert Camus.


(Copyright:  M.W. Venherm Photography, All Rights Reserved)

There is something very organic and exciting happening in Glasgow at the moment.  Musicians, painters, publishers, editors, journalists and business entrepreneurs of a similar mind are finding and collaborating with each other in a way that is not in any way forced or contrived.  It is just meant to be…and it is all the more wonderful for that.

Lola in Slacks are at the forefront of the musical element of this movement, for that is what it is rapidly becoming, a movement of like-minded people who are fed-up with the status quo, fed-up with inertia and fed-up listening about the radical ideas others voice but never seem to act upon as this is very much about praxis and not only theory.

To quote the eloquent words of our friend and music journalist, Gus Ironside:

” Spellbinding chanteuse Lou Reid (!) is the focal point, with song-writing partner and guitarist Brian McFie providing skilful garage grind and spiralling melody. Lesley McLaren has a reputation in her own right as a great rock ‘n’ roll drummer, and the band is fleshed out by Davy Irvin on bass, Villy Karagouni on keyboards and Martin Stuart Taggart on additional guitar.

Reid has an intriguing command over her vocal accents and inflections, subtly twisting from tender to declamatory within the same line. Brian McFie’s guitar-playing is similarly eloquent, shifting with ease from gut-churning intensity to exquisite soulfulness. In terms of lyric-writing, comparisons with Patti Smith, Dylan and Jim Carroll spring to mind; allusions to cult Beat writer Alexander Trocchi and controversial author Vladimir Nabokov are immediately apparent, and The Glasgow Boys artistic scene also makes a lyrical cameo in one of the highlights of the band’s live set, ‘Trocchi’s Canal’.

There is romance and longing here, escape and remembrance; imagine a voice that effortlessly fuses Marianne Faithfull and Eartha Kitt, fronting a crack band with the sexy garage swagger of the Velvets and the bold confidence and freedom of Tim Buckley. With their debut single being released on Stereogram Recordings on August 31st, Lola in Slacks are poised to become everyone’s new favourite band.”

But don’t take our word for it pop-pickers, listen for yourselves and take the opportunity to get along to the band’s first single (Tramlines) launch at the CCA in Glasgow on Saturday, August 28th.  You will want to look back in years to come when Lola in Slacks have achieved global success – as they will undoubtedly do – and say “I was there!”.

Lola in Slacks CCA Launch


Radical Independent Music were fortunate to have spent the day with Lola in Slacks as they rehearsed and prepared for their inaugural television appliance on STV’s Riverside show on July 16th and what an exciting and memorable day it was.

No young serious studious men with beards here people…they had a ball, relished every minute of the experience and totally smashed it in terms of performance.

IMG_1936 IMG_1905

IMG_1923 IMG_1918

You would never have guessed that the band only found out the day before that what they thought was going to be a pre-recorded spot in which mistakes could be corrected, turned out to be a live performance, but then they are consummate professionals who have been in and around the music business for some years now.



Remember, you heard it here pop-pickers, Lola in Slacks are going to be massive and no wonder…they have a very unique and magnificent sound.

Since we posted the STV appearance on our FaceBook page it has gone viral, reaching more than 4,000 music fans, of which more than 1,000 have viewed the clip we put on YouTube.

STV is now very much “Slackers” TV and all the better for it.

There is even talk of the first album being released on vinyl…and you can never have enough vinyl people.

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