There is currently a grass-roots resurgence going on in the Scottish creative arts – whether that be music, painting, printing, writing or performance – that can be linked to the growing confidence of the Scottish people which expressed itself in the September 2014 Independence Referendum.

This is not “high culture” per se – although undoubtedly some aspects are – but culture for the people and by the people.

Radical Independent Music is proud to be part of this rapidly growing and exciting movement and is the umbrella organisation for a plethora of music-related activities centred within the twin metropolises of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

We are relatively new on the scene and our current focus covers:

  • A planned vintage vinyl record store located in Edinburgh city centre – and online – which is coming soon and will be combined with an Italian coffee shop/cafe, art gallery and music tuition rooms.  This will be unlike any vinyl record store that has preceded it, certainly in Scotland if not the UK.
  • Part-time gig promotion.
  • Independent music journalism – gig reviews, album reviews and whatever takes our fancy that is Scottish indie music or Scottish independence campaign related.
  • “Angel” financial investment in exciting new and emerging Scottish bands.

There is a distinct possibility that a Radical Independent Music record label will be added to this portfolio in 2016.

In addition to our WordPress site and blog, you can also find us on FaceBook at where you can Like us to receive regular updates and see other Scottish music and Scottish independence campaign related postings.

We can also be emailed at or call us on +44(0)7508 130718 if you want to shoot the musical breeze and engage in this exciting cultural and creative time for Scotland….see the Contact Us page for further details.

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